About the Muse
Emily Slawski
About the Muse
Emily Slawski


A Lifelong Affair with Wine:

For Emily Slawski, wine is more than a drink—it’s a lifelong companion. Her journey with wine has been a rich tapestry of experiences, leading her from casual appreciation to professional mastery. Emily’s dedication to the craft has seen her traverse continents, immersing herself in the world’s most celebrated wine cultures.  

World-Class Credentials:

Emily’s pursuit of excellence led her to Europe, where she earned her WSET 1 and 2 Awards in Wine, placing her among an elite group of sommeliers in the United States. Currently, she’s a WSET Level 3 candidate, continually expanding her already vast expertise.

A Blend of Knowledge and Business Acumen:

With an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a robust background in marketing and sales, Emily is uniquely equipped to navigate the intricate relationship between a great wine experience and commercial success. Her approach goes beyond mere recommendations; she strategically selects wines that align with your business objectives and sales targets.

The Merlot Muse Experience:

At Merlot Muse, every wine tasting is an event to remember—a symphony of flavors and stories orchestrated by Emily’s skilled hands. Her personalized touch transforms each encounter into a custom-crafted adventure, leaving nothing to chance. From providing the finest equipment to managing every detail, Emily ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience.

A Global Palate:

Emily’s global perspective infuses each tasting with a sense of discovery. Her expertise, recognized by the prestigious WSET 1-2 Awards, offers a window into the diverse world of wines. With Merlot Muse, you’re not just attending a tasting; you’re embarking on a cross-cultural journey that extends well beyond the glass.

A Diverse Clientele:

Emily’s expertise at Merlot Muse has attracted a diverse and discerning clientele. From small local wine bars to grand dining event pop ups, to luxury underwater wineries, her clients all share a common thread: a desire for authenticity and quality in their wine experience. Emily’s tailored approach ensures that each client receives personal attention and services that are not just satisfactory, but truly exceptional.