Merlot Muse is a wine consultation company offering to consult for restaurants, bars, country clubs, hotels, and other retailers that sell wine. Merlot Muse curates the most on-brand, profitable wine program, including a wine list for a client’s menu, pricing points, wine inventory suggestions, sales program suggestions, staff wine sales training, supplier wine selection negotiations and wine procurement. Merlot Muse brings a passion for wine to help you achieve the desired results of your wine-related project, whether it be elevated sales, wine recognition, or a heightened wine experience for your customers. We take the guessing work out of your wine program.

A unique wine program with Merlot Muse improves your wine sales and image and creates a superior customer experience. Merlot Muse offers to create your wine program for free, and won’t receive compensation until the wine sales improve. Choosing Merlot Muse to create your superior wine program is a no-brainer!

Why go with merlot muse?

  • Your wine sales will improve with superior sommelier, marketing and sales expertise.
  • Merlot Muse is incentivized to make your wine program highly profitable, which means more money in your pocket.
  • A wine program with Merlot Muse is catered to your target customer and creates a superior wine customer experience which means repeat customers.
  • The wine list created for you will set you apart from the competition, which leads to heightened brand positioning.
  • You don’t have to haggle with distributors regarding wine selections and can put your energy back into management tasks.
  • Merlot Muse provides superior wine program staff training that builds a knowledgeable staff that knows how to sell wine effectively, which means heightened wine sales


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